Qualitative media research

Date of publication: June 15, 1986

Author: Anjo Schreuder


In cooperation with Geillustreerde Pers, one of the operating companies of Verenigde Nederlandse Uitgeverijen, one of the largest Dutch publishing companies, we have developed a specific research approach for qualitative media research. This involves a certain form of perception research. On the one hand there are the needs which the reader would like the publication to satisfy and on the other features offered by the publication. The way in which the target group individuals perceive the publication does not only reveal the functions which a publication should fulfil but also whether it does so (adequately). In this paper the various elements of the research approach will be explained and illustrated by examples. So far we have used this approach for women's weeklies (Margriet, Viva), glossy monthly magazines (Cosmopolitan, Avenue), special interest magazines (Steek, Elektuur, Ouders van Nu), daily papers (NRC Handelsblad), current affairs magazines (Haagse Post, De Tijd).

Anjo Schreuder


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