Qualitative research into the snacksoup relaunch

Date of publication: January 1, 1977


Cadbury Typhoo Limited in conjunction with BMP Limited has re-launched Snacksoup, using a 'New Recipe' platform combined with a new pack design and a television commercial featuring the red mug which evoked a very positive response when tested in earlier advertising research. Accordingly, consumer research was required in order to:

1. Obtain a qualitative 'feel' for the degree of impact and memorability of the campaign, both as a totality and in terms of its component features;

2. Evaluate the response to the concept of a New Recipe in terms of known and anticipated product attributes, and in terms of its credibility and capacity to generate interest in trying/buying;

3. To assess recall and responses to the original and new Snacksoup packaging in terms of communication and general appeal, and to evaluate the magnitude of any potential confusion over flavour differentiation resulting from a background colour common to all flavours;

4. To evaluate the effectiveness of the new Snacksoup Mug commercial, in terms of its impact, appeal, and ability to communicate the new product benefits of the Snacksoup product.

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