Quality control system for on-air advertising

Date of publication: June 15, 1990


Often a Company discovers that it has not obtained the hoped-for results from its advertising investment when it is already too late. Sometimes a Company wonders whether it might not have obtained the same results with a smaller or different type of investment. Advertising Agencies face the same problem. The investment may, in any case, yield a greater or lesser return depending on the quality of the message, the creative structure of the campaign - in other words the campaign's overall efficiency. We believe that one needs to ascertain the Overall Efficiency of a campaign before launching it in order to define a more effective investment plan. When a campaign reaches the circuit other factors influence its yield. Some of these are: the type of media used, the competitive scene, the product's background and the size of the investment. All these aspects can increase or decrease the yield of a campaign and certain variables may exercise a more positive influence than others. Research permits us to analyze these factors, isolating the contribution made by the Quality of the Advertising and the Quality of the Investment. The objective of this paper is to analyze the concept of the Quality of Communication with regard to optimizing the Investment and illustrate three research proposals, to be carried out at different times and linked to specific company problem areas, designed to fulfil this goal. The paper will illustrate some of the main results obtainable by applying these methodologies and also the marketing programs made possible by such research.

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