Scan 5000

Date of publication: September 1, 1988

Company: Nielsen


Scan 5000 is the first service tracking permanently consumer consumption and causal data related to the store where they are used to buy. In fact, only 6 % of the household are visiting occasionally large surface stores. In average, a french household is buying his grocery products in three stores. The concept of the service is to record permanently each individual purchase done by 5000 households in ten hypermarkets and supermarkets for all food and drug items. This information is associated with permanent in store observation and display such as prices/brand range/shelf space measurement/special displays, promotions... The system provide the facility to link the offer situation in the store and the consumer reaction. The pre requisite for running regular operations are : - daily detailed for information (consumer and in store), - minimum constraints for our household panelist, - representative assortment, - scanning system and EAN codes. In Europe, only testing tools have been launched using nearly similar concepts (Erim and Scannel in France IRI-GFK. in Germany). The ERIM experience combined with the Scantrack experience from Nielsen US help Nielsen France to launch Scan 5000 in February 1986. This was the first step of a more powerful service combining scanning data, media research data and consumer data.

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