The relationship between the collection of information and computerized methods

Date of publication: October 1, 1973


Marketing Research, through its aim and furthermore by its methodology, has acquired a reputation which is incontestable. The complexity of the problems which must be solved and the evolution, on the one hand, of psycho-sociological science, and, on the other hand, of statistical technology and computer science, have contributed to a very elaborate scheme in Marketing Research. Nowadays, it is quite normal to associate with the problems encountered in the collection of information, analysis and computerised methods which lead to a better comprehension of this information. The frequentation of the situation and computer science has produced certain habits. The aim of this paper is to conjure up certain key-points connected with the two, by attempting to point out to users of opinion polls, surveys and computerised methods, the great utility in making use of these relationships rather than putting up with them.

Jean Luis Brousse


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