Affinity and communication indices as qualitative scales for the selection of target groups

Date of publication: June 15, 1981


In a market which is becoming increasingly narrow for the print media, certain future directions are recognisable, all of which require increased target group research. New magazines devoted to new target groups are developed from editorial sections written only for sections of a larger readership. Further developments will lie in the complete utilisation of modern magazine publishing principles, with intensive coverage of articles of reader interest, service/advice articles and/or an optimal visual presentation, often in colour. These magazines are on the borderline of becoming books or bound picture volumes. Generally, the following possibilities are, amongst others, available to publishing houses: relaunch of existing magazines, addition of supplements, development of new low-priced publications, magazine/television cooperation. The basis for these entire developments, however, remains the extensive as well as the intensive target group research into the constantly more highly-refined media requirements of the audience. For this purpose, the "Affinity Index" and research into separating "Communications Target Groups" were jointly developed by Gruner+Jahr's Market Research Department, research institutes and free-lance experts.

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