Global Prices Study 2010

Date of publication: June 7, 2010

Author: ESOMAR B.V.


Global Prices Study 2010 is the 8th benchmarking study conducted by ESOMAR. The study aims to help research providers and buyers plan and execute market research projects by indicating the relative pricing of different types of projects by country and region.  The latest edition covers seven ad-hoc surveys using a variety of data collection methods and commercial tariffs. It is the largest study to date, reporting on quotes received from a total of 604 research agencies across 100 countries. Providing sufficient data for the results of 76 countries to be included, along with regions and sub-regions.  Fieldwork was conducted between 12 January and 23 March 2010. Quotes were provided in response to a standardised set of projects, composed of six consumer research projects (three quantitative and three qualitative), one B2B project, and commercial rates.



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